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Narrow Coffee Table Ideas

Narrow coffee table is a good combination of utility and class. You can have this item to adorn the small living room. The table is a good addition which makes the room more functional and stylish to view. You can complement the style of the coffee table with other furniture pieces that you have at home such as chairs, sofas, love seats and end tables. If you select a narrow coffee table, it means that you decide to decorate the living room in modern, minimalist or contemporary home.

Only the home owners who have a small and tight living room choose the narrow coffee table. If you have a big living room, you will choose the large coffee table. The design of this coffee table can be fitted with the home decor. Why don’t you browse the narrow coffee table in classic, contemporary, vintage or modern coffee table design? The size of the table should match with the size of the living room. If you want to build the circular way in the living room, you can pick a square or round coffee table. The base is very strong and edgy even though it is sleek and slim.

To get the modern feeling in the room, you can pick the lightweight coffee table. The top of the table should be selected carefully to make it fit the living room design. You can bring a shining look with glass or Plexiglas material. It can feature hidden storage. If you want to enjoy a refreshing look, you can choose the narrow coffee table in sage green color. To make it look natural, the top of the coffee table can be made from the granite, marble or slate material. To get the simplicity and classic feeling, the narrow coffee table looks good with wood for the top and base.


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