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Seagrass Coffee Table With Glass

Seagrass coffee table is a unique item to have in the house. But many home owners always visualize the word seagrass with a type of seaweed. Not many people realize that a seagrass can be made into a coffee table. Actually seaweed and seagrass is very different. The word seagrass is used to define the flowering plant that you can find underwater, while the word seaweed is used to define the algae. If you are in the furniture stores, you will be impressed with numerous kinds of seagrass coffee table.

The countries which like to produce the furniture pieces such as sofa, chairs, and coffee table from seagrass include Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. This item is very popular among the home owners who want to have the tropical, nautical or beach house. The seagrass coffee table can bring the casual sense in the living room. This item is very decorative since it comes in interwoven style. Talking about its durability, the item can last longer. It has great resistant to wind, sunlight and harsh temperature. There is no need to wonder that seagrass coffee table is often located in outdoor areas such as the deck, garden patio and pergola area. The price of this item is not expensive.

You can afford the item easily. Look at the features of the coffee table before you buy it since seagrass table comes in a lot of options. You can have the coffee table with or without storage space. You can pick the round coffee table with a rack if you need storage space for the newspaper, magazines and books. If you want to hide those items, you can choose the coffee table in pull off or lift off design. Then you can have it with drawers too. It will be easy to avoid any mess with seagrass coffee table.


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Seagrass Coffee Table

Seagrass Coffee Table With Glass

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Seagrass Coffee Table Ottoman Livingroom

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