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Teak Coffee Table Danish Modern

One of the most popular furniture pieces to decorate the living room is teak coffee table. Teak is a good wooden material to choose. It is more cost effective if you compare it with the price of the high quality mahogany, cherry wood or birch. However, the quality, color and style of teak are unbeatable. You can choose the square, round, hexagon, oval, or even leather coffee table made of teak. The modern, Victorian, Japanese, or even mid century living room is nice to decorate with teak coffee table. You just have to fit the style of this teak table with the characteristics of the living room.

If you have small living room, the low coffee table made of teak is perfect. You can have it in round shape. The underneath area of the coffee table can be decorated with wooden bars that you can set to hold various books or magazines. If the living room in the modern house is also used as a reading space, you can buy a teak coffee table with bookshelves or racks to hold the book collections. You can finish it in light color to evoke the casual style. If you want to evoke the elegant and formal living room design, it should be heavily finished in dark shades. You can choose the medium to dark brown finish.

The teak coffee table is available in various designs and features. You can pick the convertible one if it is located in modern and minimalist living room. It can feature the flip top or expandable leaves. Therefore, you can expand the leaves to give bigger space on the table. If the coffee table is too low, you can heighten it by using the flip top feature. If you focus on the unique style, you have the teak coffee table in sophisticated design.


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