Classic Walnut Coffee Table


Classic Walnut Coffee Table Antique With Glass

The walnut coffee table is classic and stylish. You can place it inside the traditional living room. You should be aware with the design of the living room. Each piece in the living room should coordinate each other. But you should never lose the personal style when you decorate it. The walnut coffee table should come in dark finish if you are interested to place this item inside the formal living room. It can be fitted with leather sofa in maroon, navy blue, hunter green, black, or dark brown.

The area rug under the table can be made in floral pattern to add beauty and elegance in the living room. The walnut coffee table is very popular due to the wonderful texture and durability. This hardwood is very exclusive along with mahogany and cherry wood. But you can incorporate it with other materials to present different design. If you want to develop the modern feeling, the walnut top can be decorated with elegant metal pieces. If you have small amount of money to buy the coffee table, the base can come in plastic, while the top is made of walnut.

You have to choose the bright or light color for the walnut coffee table. If you choose the dark color, it can present the traditional mood. You can have a walnut table in cream or white color. It is okay for you to paint the walnut coffee table in different colors to match the decorating items in the living room. If you want to have unique style, you can use walnut as the base of the coffee table. The top can be made in different material. For a modern design, you can pick clear glass top with walnut base. You can get the traditional walnut coffee table if it has the top made of granite or marble.


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Classic Walnut Coffee Table Antique With Glass

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